What are Troops Doing in DC?

From January 6, 2021, each passing day strengthens the impression that nothing demands an instant explanation and a stringent, open, transparent accounting from Washington, DC, more than the ungodly, more-than-suspicious, unprecedented, secretly ordered descent upon it of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of federal troops, whose summons and purpose remain entirely enshrouded in darkness and/or falsehood.

If this is merely part of a test to determine how much advantage, posturing and abuse may transpire before the eyes of a now emasculated population; how much a few power-mad tyrants can easily get away with, the answer is in: A lot!!

So many outrages committed by enemies of America, with not a one forced to face a significant gurgle, let alone a *demand,* that the quieter rioters immediately back off. Yes, they may seemingly get away with anything and may rest secure that they will not be stopped.

But one might have hoped that even craven curiosity would have prompted the people’s representatives to DEMAND a reckoning, as in NOW, an accounting, an explanation to be instantly passed on to listening Americans. Did you get the message? I didn’t.

But all our supine, noodle-spined techified people have been told about the walls, barbed wire, bayonets, and armed jailers is that we should expect them to remain through the Winter, the Spring, AND the Summer until AT LEAST the Fall. Welcome to Amerika.

That millions of Americans have not ABSOLUTELY DEMANDED AN OPEN EXPLANATION is the most depressing, significant tell of all. The January 6th incident is actually worthy of I. Omar’s nasty description (when she was referencing an actual horror) of “some people did something.” But this January 6 thing was, in the big picture, truly, really a NOTHING BURGER. I care not a bit for the boobs lined up at the mic who borrow adjectives from one another as they reach for words to relate the dreaded monstrosities of the day. Has everyone’s brain melted? Have all of you lost all recollection of what a country under siege looks like, after you were treated to it nightly, along with running commentary insisting the fires and bricks and assaults and stabbings and house-surroundings, occupant threatenings, were “nothing” — nothing, except what should be expected for the foreseeable future (a la Kamala Harris). January 6 at the Capitol was nothing burger, nada, zilch, a joke. Compared to what? *Any* single BLM march. How many of them resulted in incalculably more fear and terror, more destruction, more dread, and more unprovoked misery. The bill for damages to the Capitol was $1,000. Gimme a stinking break!! The “insurrectionists” got in the wrong way, but did no consequential damage to speak of, set no fires, tore down no statues. The primary activity of those pitiful souls under the dome was PUCTURE-TAKING. They walked around, looked without understanding, wandered without aim or clear intent, illegally sought access but when they got it, just scampered around taking selfies. Then, in the major main, they self-dispersed after 30 minutes. Compare my description to the idiotic blow-ups spewing from crooked Dem mouths.

How anxious are Americans to swallow stories contrary to these FACTS? No important question pertaining to the events of that day seems any closer to a public answer, as in, exactly how and when did Officer Sicknick die? He was the SINGLE tragedy that seems to have happened IN THE VICINITY of the time of the disturbance. But his death– from whatever cause, was NOT by the means originally alleged to have caused his death. Rather, the death of that Trump-supporting officer was unconscionably degraded by the DC lying machine, which enlisted it as fodder to feed the media, to inject in American minds an image of deranged zombies murdering an officer with a fire extinguisher. That NEVER HAPPENED. But how many still believe it? Well, no one is rushing to disabuse us of the image. After all, it helped the Demons get their troops and barbed wire in place. We were LIED TO– flat out and 100%. Characterizations of the whole disorder to the contrary, compared to our BLM summer, January 6th was a yawn. But once inflated and distorted, the events were used to cover an illegal impeachment, AND THE ongoing martial invasion. Why is everyone so willing to follow mendacious pointing fingers? What are TROOPS doing in DC?

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