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Reverend Steve M. Schlissel

“The Covenant is God’s rescuing His people from that which would harm or destroy them; calling them and their children to live intimately with Him in faith, love and obedience, fearful of displeasing Him; lovingly with one another; distinct from, envied by and as a witness to the world; in humble expectation of receiving from Him, at His appointed time, everything He has promised-signed and sealed in blood-through His appointed Mediator.”
- Pastor Steve Schlissel

Who is Steve Schlissel?

STEVE SCHLISSEL has served as pastor of Messiah's Covenant Community Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. since 1979.  Born and raised a Jew, Steve's revelatory insights into the unity of the Old and New Testaments have made him a popular speaker and essayist.  Steve and his wife Jeanne have six children, and eight grandchildren.  They have also raised six foster children.

Meet the Schlissel Family

Clockwise from bottom center:  Pastor Steve, holding Judah Sosa, David Hodges, holding Soren Hodges, Anna Schlissel Dos Santos, Tiago Dos Santos, Jedidiah Schlissel, Sarah Schlissel Hodges, holding Jireh Hodges, Craig Brann, Rebeccah Schlissel Brann, holding Tehilah Brann, Michael Sosa, holding Jadon Sosa, Leah Schlissel Sosa, holding Levi Sosa, Jeanne Schlissel, holding Miriam Hodges, Esther Schlissel (phew)



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