A Grateful Disciple Bids His Master Farewell

By Steve M. Schlissel

Originally posted October 19, 2019

In Memory of Reverend Doctor Paul Szto

Rev. Dr. Paul (‘God-allow-it’) Szto, the finest Van-Tilian Covenant theologian (graduate Westminster, Phillie + Union Sem, NYC + D. Min Westminster), awaits the train to glory after having celebrated his 95th birthday two weeks ago. Irreplaceable, the man who set me and uncountable others on the safe and solid path. He systematized the Reformed faith, a la C. Van Til & John Murray, R.B. Kuiper & N. Stonehouse, by employing an original, elegant, inviting, graspable and portable formulation of the Truth as it is in Jesus.

The Trifold Covenant administration of the Triune God: Covenant of Creation, Covenant of Redemption, Covenant of Consummation. When each of his magnificent and meaty lessons concluded, students were left with three blackboards (and mimeographed handouts) FILLED with points, subpoints, illustrations, and concrete, anti-abstract implications of God’s self-revelation in Scripture. The debt incurred to instructors like Pastor Szto can only begin to be repaid by faithful living, service, and a passing on of the messages received. This man has been to me the teacher of incomparable worth. Shalom, good and faithful teacher. Shalom. What a welcome you shall doubtless receive on Jordan’s other side.

Thank you, Paul.

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