Author: Steve M. Schlissel

Go, Auggie!

Augustine scholar Paula Fredriksen notes in a recent publication, “Augustine even defended current Jewish practice. ‘It is a miracle to be greatly respected (revera multum mirabile),’ he continued, ‘that while all the nations subjected to Rome went over to the rituals of Roman worship, … the Jewish nation under foreign monarchs whether pagan or Christian […]

Trump’s Farewell Address

Watch Trump’s Farewell Address We’ve never had better, we’ve never done better, never accomplished more in a single term, and done it in an environment more ungrateful, contrary, self-righteous, ignorant, or more committed to cutting off noses to spite faces. That President Trump accomplished getting out of bed each day, let alone battling absurd opposition […]

The Entitlement of the Left – Christina Bobb

Watch RUMBLE – Christina Bobb: The Entitlement of the Left This should be transcribed and posted. The dear here has fire and passion–not to mention, sense and truth–on her side. Unfortunately, she hasn’t the elocutionary skill her important message requires to get past obstacles, over hurdles and into the hearts of American hearers. Sometime this […]

Self Consciousness on Display by Left Wing Tyrants

by Steve M. Schlissel     Originally posted January 15, 2021 Irving Tremellius, the Italian rabbi from Brooklyn with the honorary doctorate, recently shared some interesting thoughts on the self-consciousness now on display from abusive left-wing tyrants. 1. First, regardless of what they say, they are ALL following the same course they have been on all […]

A-men / A-women

by Steve M. Schlissel     Originally posted January 08, 2021 The recent clowning by a paid-pray-er in D.C. caused quite a commotion. But it was as original as the socialism now being peddled by House Dems to responsibility-hating Americans. “Dear Teacher,” a 1953 episode of the old Borax-soap sponsored show, Death Valley Days, was about […]

BLM Riots of 2020

by Steve M. Schlissel     Originally posted January 12, 2021 The BLM riots of 2020 resulted in far more fatalities, incalculably greater material consequences, they were far more widespread, terrorized geometrically greater numbers of Americans, and induced little more than a yawn and plea for sympathy from Number 46 (says he) and the Screaming Mimis. […]