A-men / A-women

by Steve M. Schlissel    

Originally posted January 08, 2021

The recent clowning by a paid-pray-er in D.C. caused quite a commotion. But it was as original as the socialism now being peddled by House Dems to responsibility-hating Americans.

“Dear Teacher,” a 1953

episode of the old Borax-soap sponsored show, Death Valley Days, was about a town’s ninth try to find a teacher who could manage–or at least tolerate– their delinquents in need of instruction.

In the show, the new schoolmarm, on her first day, leads the class of punks in a morning meditation before lessons commence. (Remember, 1953 means it was still nine unenlightened years until the Supreme Court came up with their excuse to banish God prayer, wisdom, and sanity from “government property.”) The teacher said,

“For thy mercies, Lord, are sure,

Thy compassion doth endure. Amen.”

…which was followed instantly by a callout from the class idiot: “A-women.” The class giggles, the teacher ignores him. Lessons commence.

Now that congress has attained unto the level of a 1953 class moron, we might learn something else from that time–when provocations were met with more measured responses. In the indicated case: A one-second giggle from peers; the grown-up teacher ignores the fool.

But then, that was before the war on wisdom.

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