Another Oddity

by Steve M. Schlissel    

Originally January 12, 2021

Another oddity: though the most blatant, filmed act of violence so far showed a uniformed law officer aiming at and shooting to death an unarmed “peaceful protester,” authorities in DC are not rallying a la “defund the police,” but instead are bringing out the national guard. Too bad the Don didn’t suggest that.

Not merely unarmed, but of an official “oppressed” class!

Look at what happens when it finds the la-di-das OUTSIDE their gated zones. They seem not to like it. Eh?

And is it not of interest to see how adamant dems are now in insisting that PUNISHMENT is called for, necessary, and suddenly unquestionably efficacious. Wonder after wonder–when THEIR skin feels in the game. My oh my.

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