Carville Preaches Tough Love

by Steve M. Schlissel

Originally posted February 02, 2020

It seems Super-Democrat James Carville is preaching tough love to his fellows (or gals). According to WSJ’s 2/10 column-filler comprised of selections from a 2/7 interview with Carville, the liberal political consultant excoriates all the Dem candidates for revealing way too much truth about what Americans should expect if voting blue. He is disdainful about their open admission and open discussion of the merits of “open borders” (the termination of national sovereignty); “decriminalizing illegal immigration” (you mean it hasn’t already been?); “giving felons voting power”; or free college and debt cancellation.

Such talk will not help you WIN, he warns. The important thing, says Carville, is “to acquire power.” Power is the most important thing? Not truth? Fidelity? Right? Honor? Justice. Bah! “Without power,” says the NYTwit, nothing matters.” Alinsky speaks from the grave.

Since the only goal is the attainment of national, i.e., CENTRALIZED power, Carville urges candidates to get with the program. Does that mean he urges them to abandon advocacy of these idiotic goals which are certain to weaken, cripple and kill our nation?

Not at all. Instead, he walks a line I had encountered TOO often in the past. Specifically, he is strongly reminiscent of the lefty loonies in the Christian Reformed Church. I tried to get one ordained bureaucrat to admit he favored praying to “God our Mother.” And he then did so admit–privately. “Then why not say so publicly?” His answer: “The people aren’t ready for it yet.”

Bingo. In the meantime, POWER.  Leaving these bozos “in power” counts for a certainty that “the people” will be made ready.

Reverting to our national scene, the way to power is to lie, fudge and fiddle. Trust the NYTimes to keep the real agenda alive. That means all downstream slaves will follow suit, that is, mainstream media en masse.

In the meantime, Carville would have them simply be duplicitous. “We have to talk about” what voters *nationally* are CURRENTLY concerned about. That is the way to GET the POWER. ‘Then we will do what we want.’ That is his recommended course.

He castigates all Dem candidates seeking the top slot for showing way too much of their hand. Why does he care.  Because the WAY WE ARE SET UP requires candidates for national office to at least APPEAR to care about what the American people AS A WHOLE, believe, want, endorse. But if you know how to listen to these dogs, you will recognize that for him, winning power will mean an end to caring about that most inconvenient audience. Listen to his comment about “flyover country,” i.e., us deplorables. He says, “Eighteen percent of the country elects more than half of our senators. That is the deal, fair or not.” Learn the Carville lesson: Put it together and you’ll see, we may be certain that the granting of office (power) to Democrats may be relied upon to put an end to that “unfairness.” (Ditto a 9-member Supreme Court if 5 are semi-sane.)

It matters not a touch that federal representatives serving the states come to office by one of two very different paths. The first is representation according to number, or population–that is the House of Reps. But Senators come two each **per state.** No more, no less. “The United States” use to take the plural verb. Can you believe it? True. 

And the United States, through a careful, diligent, scrutinized process, crafted our constitutional government in which we find the brilliant and oh-so-carefully reached solution to a serious problem faced by our Fathers from the beginning. (More another time.)  But Democrats dismiss history, along with all other inconvenient truth. They see our system, designed to be a roadblock to tyranny and faction, as a great hindrance to their plans for…uh, tyranny and faction. But rather than give up their plans, their very clear intent is to give up our Constitution. Or, at least to make it “fair,” as they understand the word.

If you tried hard to imagine that current Democrats respect our Constitutional government, don’t open your eyes or ears. Don’t read what I write. And continue to play the game by their ever changing, lying rules.

Your opponents are NOT people who have the slightest interest in playing by the rules. Rather, they are looking only for power. Once possessing it, they will lie more and manipulate more in order to CHANGE the rules AND–count on it– block any peaceful possibility of a return to those rules. It could not be clearer. Ironically, it could not be darker.

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