Changing the Language is Primary Goal

by Steve M. Schlissel  

Originally posted February 04, 2020

Here’s how the devils do it. Understand that changing the language is a primary goal of atheist revolutionaries. If words, our primary means of social organization and cultural reinforcement, can be altered–and in such a way as to make prior meanings UNACCEPTABLE–then the revolutionary presuppositions needed to alter what is assumed to be our shared worldview, is virtually in place. From there, and not so much as a chronologically successive step, but as a propulsion, what we SUPPOSE are our shared GOALS are daily reinforced. Witness Ms. Witness #metoo. Now see the call to NYTwits to trash “sex discrimination” and replace it with “gender discrimination.” The long game I hope you know. The immediate goal, however, is to functionally rewrite civil rights entitlements and to put an end to your daughter’s “girls” sports programs (including locker rooms) by an invasion of XY crossovers. The language shift facilitates the ACLU’s (et al) very soon efforts to undo girls/boys sports via gender chaos. The NYT is evil. EVIL.

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