Corona Virus – CoVid19 Test

by Steve M. Schlissel

Originally posted March 14, 2020

Question 1: What unique symptom(s) of this dreaded should you be aware of?

Question 2: Are there symptoms consistent with COVID-19 which may, in fact, be due to other, less-lethal causes?

Question 3: Are there specific symptoms which indicate the likelihood that a person is being attacked by COVID-19 as opposed to another viral—or even a bacterial—threat?

Question 4: Has a pattern or order of emerging symptoms been identified which would suggest that a serious urgency obtained, and that a sufferer seeing that order or pattern ought ASAP to get a reliable diagnosis?

Question 5: Is there a reliable test for determining the presence of Coronavirus in a person?

Question 6: How widely available is that test (or those tests)?

Question 7: If not as widely available as it should be, i.e., as the disease warrants, when might we expect the appropriate level of availability to be achieved?

Question 8: If tests are not as widely available as they ought to be, how can levels of urgency for testing be determined, leading to a plan weighted toward making best use of the limited supply?

Most important question: Having been bombarded with Coronavirus stories, pronouncements, predictions for weeks now, along every media pathway, shouldn’t the questions above have enjoyed a distinct priority—even a relative media preoccupation—if, on the other side of these reports, there was actually a sincere, genuine concern for public health.

Another way to put this more important question is: How has it come to be, that virtually everyone is talking about Coronavirus, everyone hears reports without end, YET, while nearly all can recite the latest measures taken by authorities, virtually no one can describe for you the symptom(s) of greatest concern OR their plan of action for dealing with it, should they observe them in loved ones or themselves.

We have stepped into what might be the greatest public health crisis of our generation only to find we’ve been made experts in the imagined solutions of our civic leaders while having remained statically, astonishingly ignorant of any useful information concerning the threat itself. We know where we won’t be permitted to go, but no one knows where they should go if they observe this set of symptoms in that order.

It is time to terminate (fire) all mass media, beginning with our foolish dependence upon them. If it ain’t on their self-serving agenda, you won’t hear about it, even though it might save your daughter’s life.

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