Demon-crats Staging DC

Problem: Why do Demon-crats want DC to look like Sarajevo of days past? If there is a threat which warrants such a radical and extreme makeover, tell the people whose city it is. But you do not. So that becomes an issue. Why? Because you have proven times without number that you live in theater, and that you have zero integrity. So, why? Could it be you are so intent on reset, and have given thought to what your biggest obstacle to “having it all” (clearly your motto) will likely be? And have you landed on the Second Amendment as your answer? And have you inserted into your play the staging of DC as a W-Zone to BOTH enlist it as supportive of your charges @ how SERIOUS is the non-existent “right-wing threat,” as well as “visual advice” for any who might consider sidestepping your initial sweeps?

Be all that as it may, you ARE entitled to a brag or two concerning how thoroughly you’ve de-testosteroned the nation, how docile and fearful you have made your slaves, proven by your getting away with that THIS STAGING without being swept up yourselves in inquiries and lawsuits compelling you to JUSTIFY or immediately abandon this absolutely outrageous and unacceptable ‘flexing’ toward legit citizens, i.e., toward your superiors. You are contemptible, unworthy to be Gibeonites in this great nation. Phonies, liars, frauds, self-servers, and thieves.

P.S. Your call for unity is greatly helped by this display, eh?

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