Egalitarianism and the Changing Race Problem

by Steve M. Schlissel

Originally posted October 16, 2019

Egalitarianism first spoke to us of race “problems” as a thing which can and will be corrected when race is not considered in determining how we will treat others.

That approach was subject to change—and it did. It eventually morphed into a demand that race—rather than being excluded from consideration—be obsessively considered, be made determinative in how we treat others. This appeared most dramatically in society-approved quotas.

Then that changed, or rather, it has begun to change. Race has of late been portrayed here, there, and many wheres, as indecipherable, if not unknowable. This stage is evidenced in a seemingly fixed and determined, ubiquitous choice of models, in what is apparently expected to be regarded as preferred in fashion and in role-, who are, if not explicitly of a minority race (in America—and yes, I know the hype about our browning, etc.), than are racially ambiguous. This is a strategy naively employed as if a ticket to a post-race utopia. But a hidden, uncounted cost (the amount depending upon the success of the campaign—i.e., if it moves from pictorial representation to the routine removal of race in all areas and all relations)— must be recognized as carried within this effort. The greater its success means the more thorough must be the abolition of all rhetorical treatment of racial distinctions, including accomplishments, yes, but also the very idea of racial continuity in history, even racial reality (think of the impact on claims based on past racial injustices experienced)—and a great deal more.

Yet even such an end is a holiday compared to what awaits us at the end of a campaign currently well under way, one launched for the same dunderheaded purpose. By that I mean, the purpose of putting us “beyond” something—a so-called solution rightly denominated dunderheaded. This becomes obvious when you consider what it shares with the explicit goals of genocide, for example, or ethnic cleansings. Such things are clearly designed to bring people to a new world that is beyond conflict. But the methods of all these make no provision for repentance, which happens to be the only method bearing divine approval. And while the blend-to-bland eschews the deplorable violence, it nevertheless remains bound to sin, particularly in its very heavy reliance on falsehood, on contrived, artificially constructed images, all of which are proffered as if having reality. The race train, you see, first made stops at recognizable, if challenging, locations, before it let slip that there were radicals hanging with approval around the engineer’s compartment. These rads are determined to guide the train into a world beyond race and ethnicity. All efforts to move us toward such a place are far worse than delusional, worse even than false: They amount, all of them, to declarations of war against our sovereign God.

Perhaps we are nevertheless positioned, by what we should all have observed by now, to recognize the same sad motif operative in the gender wars. This transition should not be made, however, without an explicit mention of how much more dangerous to life on earth is this gender stupidity. It is not only toxic, it is extremely unstable, and it unleashes evil that will maker getting racism back in the bottle seem like a picnic. And it wasn’t—ever.

But that we might learn again from the errors (leading to and from) racism, I think it is important to point out that racism must first be correctly defined, and only then be connected to a proper corrective. The right definition of racism is: refusal to obey God’s Law toward someone or some group because of their race. Although it be a malady originating in the heart, the only restraints lawfully in the realm of the magistrate concern behaviors, actions. God has not entrusted hearts to those administering civil or criminal law. They may regulate only hands and feet. Institutions like the family, wider associations, clubs, churches, cultural organizations, etc., may be (and many have been) insightful and exemplary in devising successful means and ways of cultivating hearts freed from that malady which pretends race is a fact of life which somehow (in the imagination) lawfully reduces or expands rights—which originate in the will of God.

The manifestly perverse piggybacking of sexually aberrant libertines upon dignified racial battles for civil rights in the West, has been a travesty, one already done (though it can be undone). It has already cost us dearly. But sexual degeneracy—and gender tampering is properly listed under the heading—is NOT a malady for which the sovereign will of the Creator God is available for appeal or irrefutable justification. It is not a matter of race, of melanin, nor is it built into the whole of humanity as a reality, a necessity, a fruitful alternative. Rather, it is always and everywhere a defiance of God and of God’s rights. Gender tampering is not the adjustment of a diet, nor a linguistic correction.

At the beginning of claims for civil rights for sexual deviancy there is an inevitability. It is that, sooner or later, a train will appear that all will be commanded to board, a train its operators put in motion to pick everyone up. And then? To convey everyone to the predetermined destination. In this case, the terminal (in the fully ominous sense) is the land beyond male and female. I submit the photos below, taken from a magazine supplement bound in the largest circulation newspaper in the United States (the Wall Street Journal), to help you assess just how far we’ve traveled on that track.

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