Election Claims and Counterclaims

by Steve M. Schlissel

Originally posted November 29, 2020

If you feel overwhelmed by the claims and counterclaims, not to mention the appearance of smoke, mirrors and mendacity abounding, I’d like to suggest that you needn’t be at all confused in your understanding concerning a) what’s going on and b) who are the good actors and who are the evildoers. This can be achieved by focusing on two simple, indisputable–and in fact, undisputed– truths.

Number One: Consider that earlier THIS WEEK a Pennsylvania Court ordered that certification of the State election be put on hold until after an evidentiary hearing about alleged irregularities and suspected and alleged frauds can be heard by a court in that Commonwealth. The hearing was scheduled for TODAY, Friday, November 27th. YET, State officials IMMEDIATELY after that ruling APPEALED that certification continue instantly with NO HEARING permitted to disturb their plan.

Why? You do not need to know ANYTHING about the underlying data to reach a conclusion about which side is honorable and which diabolical. No one suggested that any kind of hearing would derail the scheduled vote of the Electors (on December 14) for President, nor would there need be a delay of any other activity leading to the oath of office being administered to the lawful winner on January 20th, 2021. So, WHY the immediate appeal? What are the appellants afraid of other than LIGHT?

Still confused? John 3:19-21. End of confusion. Read it again. And again. Do not be deceived.

Number Two is the unprecedented mobilization of all mainstream news outlets and Social Media to put an Iron Curtain of censorship over every breath of truth which fails to flatter their false leftist, America-hating narrative. ANY truth speaker is instantly banned. Even the Pennsylvania State Senator who led Wednesday’s public hearing was afterward Twitter-banned!! Pravda and Tass were more even handed in Soviet Russia at the height of the Cold War than are the “news” organs now under the thumbs of billionaire s.o.b. commie ingrate hypocrites’ who manipulate the levers of power toward DARKNESS (levers never before so brazenly wielded).

ONE PLUS TWO = what don’t you understand?

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