Evil Reporting on SAT Stats

by Steve M. Schlissel  

Originally posted February 03, 2020

This sort of reporting is fundamentally evil, a sign of the uncritical adoption of egalitarian presuppositions by naive or agenda-driven power-mongers. The variables they DON’T cite–or consider–anywhere in the article (or in the public debate for that matter) are the only meaningful ones: Measure the scores, not against RACE (which is racist no matter HOW it comes out) but considered in terms of A) the presence of TWO parents (read: one female mother, one male father) in the students’ home, and B) the extent and methods of PREPARING for the test. Why do editors PERMIT such grand missing of the entire point?  What possible good can come from an indulgence of dead-ended provocation of pure envy. No one can change their race, but they CAN improve their dedication to preparedness. And honest reporting about the devastating consequences of divorce or extra-marital sex on the likely outcomes for the ne’er considered-children, just might have a cumulative effect and encourage a return, however modest at first, to sanity and morality.  As it is, with this race-based, entitlement-drenched bacillus bulfosis, everyone is effectively abandoned to failure and misery immorality generates. I trust YOU can grasp this: Reporting (i.e., journalism) done on egalitarian presuppositions strengthens the grip of the hands strangling our country–and our future. It is EVIL: evident, demonstrable, and detestable.

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