Guiding Us Out of the Dark They Created

by Steve M. Schlissel  

Originally posted August 22, 2020

THAT is clever! Here is a NYTwit promise the Times is, by its lonesome, equipped to fulfill, even to guarantee. For “the darkness” of which they speak has been New York Times created, generated, propagated. Aimed at overshadowing Donald Trump (whose accomplishments have been worthy, significant– herculean when opposition considered), the NYT darkness has plagued the entire nation. They are therefore now positioned to make things appear “lighter” SIMPLY by changing THEIR tone, posture, and speech. They will say NICE, encouraging, socialism-lite things. People will begin to say, “Gee, things are already better, and it isn’t even November!” Few will realize, that has NOTHING to do with Biden or the Demons.

Remember, in assessing the power of media: It matters less what happens in the world than what people BELIEVE happened. This most influential “news”paper on earth daily betrays the people’s trust. They use every talent and font within their reach, not to faithfully convey, but to deceitfully connive. Now they will use their gifts to set aglow artificial light all around the Dems.  And they will inject more silicone into Biden’s words than Pamela Lee, ahem. Well, you get it. Why, Joe won’t need to peep a toe out the basement. Times readers will soon believe he bears more light than Con Ed. And it will be ALL of their making, all by their tone–and the care they put into selecting what’s covered, and how. And how.  Watch.

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