God Hating Son of Mario

by Steve M. Schlissel  

Originally posted April 8, 2020

Son of Mario rises to the top of our list of self-conscious God-hating politicos. The canine is therefore well situated to play an important didactic role: he might be helpful in accelerating the self-consciousness of Americanity’s legions. Anyone who regards his Christian profession as more than window dressing needs to understand that Andrew is nothing more than common, rank & ignorant unbelief. But when that vanilla unbelief comes to power in a state as radically blue as ours, it feels emboldened to say things out loud which are generally held in check or bathed in blather when articulated in other states. Here, the NY propensity for telling it like it is, well, it’s something we need to be grateful for. Listen to Mario’s chip off the block and understand how much Christians are HATED by Democrats; how despised they are, as an inferior breed that true public service should be proud to eliminate, obliterate. The advantage Mario Jr. offers is in the packaging–it is all New York. It doesn’t occur to Him that a) he might be dead wrong, or b) that myriads may disagree to the bone with him AND his pontificating, or c) that there are big-time consequences for wrong answers in the areas his bravado leads him into. You do remember, don’t you?  That this is the guy who, in 2014, urged every pro-lifer to leave this State, and to do so in double-time if they happen also to believe the Second Amendment of the Constitution means what it says. Why? Why, because WE in New York are the TOLERANT ones. Keep an eye on Mario Jr.’s brand of tolerance; note well who is explicitly excluded from his otherwise insatiable lust for inclusion.

After America learned that Barack Bahama and his woman had for a decade or more been devoted to a church whose pastor publicly prayed, “God damn America,” they made him president–twice. Did that demonstrate how tolerant American Christians are–or how stupid and useless? Maybe Mario Jr. can help us answer those sorts of questions.

American Christians like the idea of being “saved.” They need to learn that salvation is predicated upon something God set up as “the Antithesis,” way back in Eden. The Antithesis is an ineradicable hatred separating the righteous and the wicked. Though the Bible extols such covenant hatred as proof of godliness and real faith, Americanity has been so thoroughly doused in Nice-ianity, and for so long, that it daily boasts of no longer having a place or capacity for covenant hatred. Perhaps Mario Jr., by continuing to do his part in maintaining the Antithesis, can help them understand, if they cannot hate what God hates, then whatever they may be, they are not the ones God loves.

Mario Jr.’s statement is all the proof any fair-minded person needs to see how thoroughly the United States of America has completed its 180. From establishing a nation where Christianity might flourish, we have been thumb-twiddling spectators done NOTHING to prevent it becoming a place where Christian are put on public notice: they are not wanted.

Ironic–Christians hearing Mario Jr.’s blasphemy instinctively wish to alert him to Scripture’s warning. Anticipating a time of blessedness and prosperity from God’s hand, God’s people are solemnly warned not to take credit for it themselves. “You will become proud and you will forget the LORD your God. You may say to yourself, ‘My power and the strength of my hand produced this wealth for me.’ But remember the LORD…It is He who has given you the ABILITY to produce wealth” (Dt. 8).  It would be difficult to think of a more flagrant defiance of God’s warning than what Junior displayed yesterday. Obviously, this fundamental lesson was missing from Junior’s education.

As has the lesson he might now teach us has been missing from Christian factsheets. But there it is, plain as day: “To fear the Lord is to HATE evil.” But American Christians rush to confound by l saying, “Yes, hate the sin but LOVE the sinner.” Well, yeah, there is a right way to hear that sentiment. But if it leaves no room for the following, then it isn’t right. For it isn’t JUST the sin.

Time for “Carding God”

This is all wrapped up in our lousy American habit of crediting the word “God” as if it were necessarily referring to the Creator-Redeemer spoken of on Holy Scripture. But clearly, that is an assumption more often than not, unwarranted. Since our God has bound Himself to real history, it’s time we start requiring I.D.  when “God is invoked. Consider how He introduces Himself in the Ten Commandments, position Number One:

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”

 Hear the Word THIS Lord speaks! –

“The righteous DETEST the dishonest; the wicked DETEST the upright.” Indeed! “Do I not HATE those who hate you, O Lord? I have nothing but hatred for them.”

I close with a reminder that Mario Jr., in 2012, recklessly abandoned the “separation” of church and state so selectively touted by gliberals. Responding to a rabbi who suggested God was then judging NY for “overruling” His definition of marriage. Junior spoke decisively and theologically, telling New Yorkers that there is no way God was judging us; Andy Boy was quite sure, He would not dare. And, in case anyone had a different theological view, well, he’s not welcome in this state.

Every state, throughout the world, throughout history, appeals to a certifying deity. America’s entire set of problems may be seen in the fact that, the only resemblance between the God we spoke of at our founding and the one you’ll hear mentioned today, is the word “God.” At our founding, 99% of the population, when hearing “God,” knew WHO was meant, knew what He had done, what He was capable of doing, and what He was like. To say that, upon hearing the word “God” today, we know nothing–well, that would be an improvement.

Take it from Mario, Jr.

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