Has Sweden Found the Right Solution to CoVid? (Nat’l Review)

by Steve M. Schlissel

Originally posted April 8, 2020

National Review Article

Of value for assessing when this mess is concluded. Pressuring elected officials to carefully reconsider what policies will be put in place “the next time”– and which must be reckoned off limits–is sensible. But the fact is, our guys called it like they called it, and having 137,000,000 differing opinions–including massive self-exemptions–is not a formula for peace and plenty. Chaos and violence and boiling fears do not equal health. Correct, that neither does economic suicide. But that has been the course chosen. Frustration and “I know better” perspectives must be explicitly indicate to serve as bases for future POLICY under similar circumstances. Right or wrong, WE took the current course.

Additionally, the author’s casual wave of the hand dismissal of alleged precedents is anything but persuasive or convincing. 700 shipmates getting the illness proves NOTHING to him. What if he was on-board? And his reverse engineered, know everything look back at the Spanish flu is valueless. Furthermore, the Swedish policy includes SERIOUS social limitations. In other words, he writes to win more than to adequately inform. Now, when the mess is past and we need to buckle down to policy going forward, arguments “to win” will ABOUND, with the result of making our pre-flu polarization look like the little league.

In the meantime, apart from REPENTANCE toward God, and a national return to Him and His Law, no public policy will, in the end, matter. And here is where CHRISTIANS need badly to find their brains and their voices. No matter WHAT one may think about the handling of this “crisis,” another, FAR MORE SERIOUS crisis threatens not only our well-being but our being. Without a return to the Lord, it’s sound and fury. And the fact that virtually NO “LEADERS” make consistent, clear, articulate warnings re: our actual moral condition, serves as proof that jumping on board a divisive plank to chest-pound about how smart ‘you’ are, and how ‘you’ know for sure what should be done, is most interesting. It reminds of the words of Jesus, “So you prove you are worthless” (Brooklyn Version).

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