Not Americas Job to Save Moms

by Steve M. Schlissel  

Originally posted August 19, 2020

The article’s title says it all, but our electorate apparently cannot read. It is NOT America’s job to “save” moms–that duty (and honor) belongs to husbands/fathers. That feminists have abandoned these in favor of the Almighty State should NOT translate to a large swathe of people encouraging that switch by engaging in their bait/debate. Their complaint, you can read, is not about their mothering, but about their “jobbing.” In other words, “America” is failing to help mothers NOT be mothers, failing to equip them to be home-abandoning women. Well, if that’s what they want, they should do it without redistributed incomes. But Americans cannot read. They cannot understand. He who defines, wins. Our American Atheism has brought us to the cliff. The need for a Trump, indeed, a sweeping Republican victory in November is far greater than the nitpicking excuses for not having one. The fight is NOT for this lobby or that special interest or that identity. The fight this November is for ONE THING only: Time. A Demoncrat win means it is up–whereas a Republican TRiUMPh will ONLY mean time. Time to perform meaningful, substantive actions. But you know, that is what 2016 bought us. We have not shown ourselves particularly stalwart, discerning, or adept. But a loss in 2020 will show us as losers like you cannot imagine. I know you cannot imagine it because you act like you don’t give it a thought. I hope and pray the Don will win. I hope and pray we keep the Senate and recover the House. But our utter failure over these last four years to focus, discern, think, or understand–where we are and what must be done–moves me to the next question, which is not only too depressing to answer, it’s too depressing to ask. So, I will just leave it here: At every juncture where a decision is required, if you are not thinking in terms of the alternative (i.e., if not this, then what?), then you’re not thinking. Every issue holding back Republicans is media-manufactured. Yielding to their hostage-tactics is subversive. Think.

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