Peaceful Secession Now

No effort is being exerted to list these in a careful or meaningful order.

1. A number of American Christians have awakened to Christ’s legitimate claims in the political and social spheres. Unfortunately, this realization occurred long after it was needed for it to result in much good.

2. We are taught to pray, “Establish the work of our hands, O Lord.” We have become a land which has notified all its citizens that the works of their hands may not, in any materially significant way, be said to belong to them, the people. Over the last nine years, the Retail Trade and Manufacturing sectors have lost about 5 million jobs. Government employment during the same period is up 1.7 million jobs. A little thinking will reveal some interesting realities. Manufacturing in the USA has long been forsaken, giving way in this sector to China and other New New World nations (no longer Third world). America has kept up the appearance of prosperity by an unwieldy dependence on the service sector. Much of the service portion of the economy is sinking (example: information sector lost three-quarters of a million gigs). The government in its entirety is properly in the service sector. Government produces nothing. Yet government is far and away the leading employer, and its edge is growing, pitifully dwarfing every other sector. What’s more, while producing zilch in terms of widgets, etc., the government either owns or is buying or seeking to buy ownership interests in several of the remaining sectors. Health services, for example, is entirely shaped and driven by government programs, and no program of the next four years will amount to a blip in pulling back. On the contrary, the essential trend is toward complete and total government-owned health care. Similarly, in the last 6 months, the federal government has gone much further than to pretend to being a mere regulator of the finance sector–it is now THE shaper, shaker, mover, and owner of the largest players in the once independent industry. This is not to speak of government control of every sphere of life, from education to transportation. When the Detroit/DC spit swap is done, Washington will even control the transportation we use to get to other transportation. The lesson that every claimant to sovereignty MUST move toward exhaustive control of ALL is becoming so painfully evident, pretty soon even college professors might realize it. All this to say, nothing is left that belongs, in any meaningful sense, to us. Everyone is herewith working for Uncle Sam, either directly or slightly indirectly. The American Experiment has concluded, ironically, on the tail of Communism’s colossal failure. We wanted to prove that old saw which you heard from all Commies: “It isn’t that Communism doesn’t work. It’s just that what they do in (Choose One: China, Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, Eastern Europe, etc.) is not REAL Communism,” has one more round to go, while the birthplace of the free market becomes the last spot-on earth to prove the complete futility of Communism’s egalitarian, covetous, anti-production, anti-liberty mentality. “Communism hasn’t worked because America hasn’t showed everyone how to do it.” Don’t take a nap. We don’t have “x-feet” to go; we are already there.

3. Consequently, it behooves those who would rather pour their lives into something resembling a family held legacy or trust, as opposed to State fodder, to seek circumstances wherein such freedom as is required to attain those ends is a reality.

4. The whining of counter-cultural Christians who would stop short of secession must, of necessity, result in the continuing of the pouring of the future and its resources into Leviathan’s belly. Eventually, Leviathan will put them in its belly, but first things first. The train called America will be making no more stops. Those who see the wisdom in allowing those determined to crash and burn to proceed without them will have to arrange for their own exit from the speeding train.

5. This requires from those with vision a strong neck and stomach, accompanied by a severe determination to define what it is that is being proposed. First, of course, it must be distinguished from the War between the States of the century before last. This is about the rejection of universal slavery, not racist or race-based slavery. The secession spoken of now will doubtless have to contend with Constitutional issues still unresolved, even after the Great War, but it need not allow itself to be derailed from the first by moronic comparisons. Liberty, in the minds of our Founding Fathers, meant but one thing when a referent was in view: Liberty FROM government control, or political tyranny. Those who have passively observed the reaction of politicized homo-ism to the slim loss in California this past election day have seen precisely the sort of tolerance they may expect in all future debate in the “old country.” I suggest that such states which, for example, share Barack Obama’s views, and who wish to live by those views and form policy to enshrine them, that these states be called America. While those who still get choked up reading the commitment of our fathers to be ever free of intrusive tyrants using the sword to push their will upon the necks of all–those who actually share the American vision will select the other states and be known as the United States, ever to be used with a plural verb. (I will offer a small variety of possible distribution patterns, not this just mentioned as THE one.)

6. I’m sorry to report that optimism, though once inseparable from any sound description of the American character, because it was fitting and helpful in view of our freedoms, is no longer justified. In fact, optimism concerning the future of the USA is no longer helpful. The alteration in the American character looks the result of an altercation–with a shark–while we had our hands chained behind our backs. The change is more profound, more devastating, more irretrievably hopeless than any pundit known to this writer seems to recognize. If we were to describe this change moving from its source forward, we could choose either the Garden of Eden or 1789. The identical transaction was simply repeated societally at the later date.

7. What was offered in place of a world defined by God was a world which man, duped into becoming a competitor with the Creator, imagined he could define for himself. The essential component in the transaction was the substitution of category content: what God declared ought to be called right, what He’d reveal ought to be called wrong, were switched, like “The pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle, but the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true.” We put the pellet in the chalice and vice-versa. What’s the result? Right. Death.

8. New York City is said to permit corrections to birth records, a policy narrowly encompassing folks who want to believe that they are actually a gender other than that listed on their birth certificates. The old boogieman from the ERA Amendment era didn’t die–he just came back by way of administrative code. Now municipalities and states will begin to strategically prevent all ladies comfort stations from being invadable by men who simply claim that they are actually women. People who have a hard time envisioning a world where such things are seriously overtured–and adopted–has not been paying attention. Just as the Jacobins wanted a ten-day week, and a reconfiguration of the calendar to make the Year One begin with the Revolution, in a scarcely veiled scheme to be rid of the pesky ubiquitous reminders of Creation and Sovereign Redemption, so also redefinition at the fundamental level is necessary and intended to accommodate an entire overturning of the order. The redefinition of marriage, for which heterosexuals, thank you very much, are 100% to blame–the politigays merely took advantage of the tattered, shredded institution that was handed to them on a platter. It is more than a mistake to blame homosexuals for the loss of marriage’s definition–it is untrue, unfair, and unhelpful. There’s enough sin to go around that we needn’t unnecessarily pile in front of one party what rightly belongs at the door of another.

9. But speaking of untrue, the truth has entered a period of impenetrable darkness. This has been brought home to me on several levels in the recent past. There was a time when ARGUMENT was had in order to provide two or more presentations of things said to be SO, to be true, usually retaining an antithetical character reminiscent of “If a, then not non-a.” But now, in truth (I speak to a number diminishing more rapidly than is true of any other identifiable entity larger than the individual), argument occurs for many other reasons but hardly ever to come to a knowledge of TRUTH.

10. More specifically, we have put behind us altogether the time when the discovery of TRUTH meant, in a good number of instances, the discovery of DUTY. But when we chose our sense of what is “fair” as a replacement for the Creator God’s inherent right to instruct us as to what is fair (regardless what we think), we began a longish slide toward where we find ourselves today: having little use for truth in any way, shape, or form. Some parents (who still hate their children enough to give them up to public education) find the roughest shock when they discover that Dick & Jane have their answers marked correct IF Dick & Jane felt passionately about their answer, wrong though it might be. Lessened emotional intensity does not necessarily mean your wrong answer will be judged to be wrong. For you have a double-sliding scale: if you are less passionate about your guess, but actually closer to the answer, you can pass the subject. You see, 5+4=8 can be correct if you “kind of feel good about it,” because you are only, after all, one digit off. But to make the teacher buy, say “54,” or even “16,” requires a stronger sell.

11. Which leads to education starting to look very much like a single course on emoting regardless of what topic the parents are told is being studied. The stark recognition and nearly universal understanding among public school teachers that kids are being taught nothing (of value) no longer needs to be kept secret. In fact, it hasn’t been. The parents, like Israel of old, “loved the lies” that served their purposes. People’s beliefs are not informed by TRUTH, after all! So, facts such as those revealing what is and what is not being taught in the engine room of evil today have already been long known and verified. Parents simply do not care.

12. And who can blame them? After all, they are not bundled with responsibilities the moment they hear of their freely chosen recreation having resulted in a new life. There’s still plenty of time to kill the child. And while I concede that a Roe overturning is conceivable under certain circumstances, Nov. 4th, 2008 made those circumstances about as likely as a cool summer in Louisiana, with or without global trending.

13. Before moving too far along, it is appropriate to make comments that probably should go in a sidebar. So, pretend. Nota Bene a) Yes, Peaceful Secession Now is 100% serious. It is not an intellectual exercise, a tease, nor is it an impossibility. Everything depends on God’s will, groundswell, the winds. b) It is perfectly incorrect to say it cannot happen. That is a choice, not a fact. c) It is a best-case option for a whatever-case outcome with the present USA. Our nation as it is has wholly spurned the liberties, documents, integrity, vision, sanity, courage, views, faith, and outlook of our Founding Fathers. On any reckoning, their return to what we have become would send them to a time machine market to try to return to the 18th century to see if there were ways, they could have improved the likelihood of success beyond 100 years. I do not fault them. Who is creative enough to anticipate the magnificent strategies of Satan? Only God can know the future. Our Fathers did the best they could. But if they glimpsed a Federal government claiming the first 5 months wages of every year’s earnings of every worker, they would say, “Surely it’s fallen to brigands. Worse tyranny than ever we imagined has overshadowed the land and our hopes.” Where do you want them to look? Choose a field. They won’t like it. Government, THE entity they sought to restrain, say whatever else you will about our founding documents, it is undeniable that what they sought to limit has now taken upon itself the authority to limit everything else. Federal greed is the only unrestrained and unrestrainable power functioning in our nation. (Forgive me for keeping denominational considerations out of this set. Of course, the living God, His Word, CANNOT be bound. But I seek to explain our responsibilities, not God’s options.) Concluding point “c”, we are far past the point of possible repair. This is a settled conviction that is clearly a prerequisite for those who would have more than a condescending interest in this topic. If our health COULD be restored, I’d be there to rally that we pull out every stop in order to effect the repair. But triage says otherwise. And what we are permitting now, by not beginning EARNEST efforts toward Peaceful Secession Now is the compelled funding by ourselves of the very Beast that is desirous of owning us and keeping us and our seed in perpetual servitude. Consider: whatever the deficit was before the current president took office, our entire nation has been notified that EVERY EFFORT will be made to double or triple it in the next four years. That means every delay of PSC is an action to extend the bondage of our progeny, to saddle them with an insurmountable, unserviceable debt. OUR GOVERNMENT IS THE BIGGEST SUBPRIME BORROWER IN HUMAN HISTORY. What we are now witnessing is the ascent of the foxes to their thrones over the hen house. We have ASKED, we BEG the that the very policies which have brought us to the door of God’s wrath be ACCELERATED. Understand this: there is zero possibility of a PRINCIPLED argument or discussion taking place on ANY ISSUE confronting us today, IF we are hoping to hear a proponent speaking from a position of informed faith and verifiable historical precedent. This seems out of place in this context but it actually isn’t: the fact that Christians differ little from the haters of God and Truth in their television habits is the only measurable factor needed to know that defeat of right is inevitable. I’ve been around the block on this one enough to know: TV is positioned as THE MEDIATOR of reality in place of God in Christ. Anyone who dreams that a 30-minute verbal bubble bath on Sunday morning can counteract the effects of subliminal, presuppositional worldview imbibing that takes place 6, in some cases 7 days a week, for as much as 4, 5 or 6 hours per day, is plainly an idiot. And that is what American-ity can boast: impotent idiots leading other impotent idiots to pools of fake Viagra.

14. There is no sane alternative to Peaceful Secession Now for those who believe their lives have meaning, their children are their heirs, freedom matters, and responsibility is the major component of manhood. The gravest threat we face is the violence coming our way FROM the government installed to SERVE us. Is there a fool nearby who believes that if the Second Amendment was surrounded by impenetrable protections and maintained in pristine glory that this would make for a level playing field NOW or in the future? Don’t tell me what COULD be IF ONLY WE HAD…. Tell me if it could happen given what IS. This question is related to the question of Public Debate. The urgency of PSN comes from the undeniable double fact that, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR PUBLIC PRINCIPLED DEBATE remaining in this nation. Those who employed pleas for tolerance as a device to gain ascendancy SUCCEEDED. Once installed in their seats, do they want to CONTINUE the tolerance they were shown? It has not happened in human history. It will not happen now. THINK! What PUBLIC debates have you seen about abortion which PERMITTED graphics and video? Not one. Why not? Because the use of graphics and video, being an introduction of truth and reality into the discussion, absolutely guarantees the victory going to the Life cause. Therefore, the mechanism which would insure the victory–the communication of truth and fact–is ruled out of bounds before the discussion begins. The latest move by NBC to censor a positively BRILLIANT life ad from appearing during the Super bowl is simply par for the course. Listen to me, please: There is no PUBLIC DEBATE permitted if “debate” implies the presence of a view that is regarded as “politically incorrect.” (In actual truth, it is RELIGIOUSLY incorrect, but I accommodate those who struggle to understand, that is, those who still watch TV, ESPECIALLY those who insist it doesn’t affect them–when I worked with the drug addicted population nearly 40 years ago, helping them to put their death ways behind them, I could count on one hand the number that didn’t assure me they “could stop whenever (they) wanted.” Yeah, right.)

15. One of the most conservative REFORMED periodicals published in North America, featured a political “analysis” in their most recent issue which is illustrative of how hopelessly schizoid and intellectually polluted is that one-time bastion of productive thought. After excoriating, for no cited reason, President Bush, the “analyst” went on to praise numerous of his accomplishments in the body of the balance of the article. Among the items eliciting groans of approval were the appointments of Alioto and Roberts to the Supreme Court BECAUSE they are perceived by the writer as INTENTIONALISTS. Hold that thought: The author praised the President she despised for doing this GREAT thing, and the reason provided was, they sought to interpret the Constitution in accord with the intent of the framers. In the virtual next breath, she flamed Bush once again for reducing the Republican Party to that hopeless condition wherein some Republicans actually seriously considered “extreme right wing” candidate Rep. Ron Paul, as a possible presidential candidate. I hope she is standing on soft ground when someone tells her the REASON Dr. Paul was labeled as “extreme right wing” by the LIBERAL PRESS was precisely and ONLY because he is an INTENTIONALIST. Now see how many terminal points come together in this paragraph. We have the uselessness of the once great Reformed perspective (for even if the writer is an excusable newbie, what on earth is the editor doing running that drivel?), the bell tolling in the matter of our pool of people who COULD debate IF public debate permitted the truth, the Prozac-worthy news that the one tiny encouragement God gave sane people during the last 18 months, viz., the blessed voice of sanity heard in Dr. Ron Paul’s manly points of view, was publicly urinated upon by a writer who should have kissed his feet if she had even an inkling of self-consciousness about what SHE herself professes to believe. Don’t you see? Twenty hours of TV per week will rinse the best of brains free of what they once thought they knew.

16. Put all of today’s additions (13-15) together and think. The only way people can peacefully live together while cherishing divergent, mutually exclusive views, is to have outlet for meaningful discourse, dialogue, and debate, each shouted out into an environment where freedom of thought is more highly regarded than most other so-called rights. But when freedom of thought is no longer permitted, two things have happened. One, somebody has reached a position of influence and power that is more than merely confident they will, but is but has already become well-practiced at, stifling oppositional speech and sentiment. Two, the last remedy this side of violence has been rendered inoperative in the Public Square. What I am saying is blatantly obvious. No crystal ball needed. Just that people pull their heads of that tuchas called tv and look. This week, comb all the newspapers and magazines, watch every news program you can stuff down. report to me next week exactly HOW MANY arguments you encountered which sought to explain that SPENDING money to remedy the problems which have befallen us BECAUSE we spent money in that very fashion is simply a mark of insanity. Those who propose it do not have feet on firm ground. This is something that SHOULD appear MORE obvious than the futility of trying to put out a fire with gasoline. But you will ONLY hear differences concerning speed, implementation, details, which programs to fund with how much funny money. What you will not hear is that there is nothing any sane person should be discussing. We sinned, at least, some people and companies sinned. I won’t, just here, press my conviction that egalitarian policy drove us to this current financial disaster, but I will insist upon this: If the government cared 1% about honoring the restraints imposed upon it by the Constitution, they would not be PROPOSING, REGULATING or PRETENDING to FUND a solution. The companies went down while everyone watched, hoping, of course, to benefit on the way? Then let them die and be buried. THE LAST THING TO DO is the same thing you did to create the crisis! But such talk has been deemed out of bounds, if for no other reason, it might discourage our White President. (Are you not weary of a man who is 50% white being irreversibly categorized as black? Everywhere we look, we see what appears to be the inspiring observation which resulted in this summary: Ephesians 4:18,19. Brain death is not reversible. It is over.

17. permit me to lay out some additional broad strokes. for example, note that in January of THIS YEAR the State of New Hampshire started to shake and move by introducing the following in their State House. New Hampshire legislators have stepped up to the plate.

Text of bill:

For a few years NH has been brought to the attention of potential seceders as a friendly place where it just might happen. They report that thousands have moved there, with thousands en-route. I think this certainly ought to be encouraged. But I want to add that what I am envisioning is quite a bit different. Nevertheless, it would not hurt to point out that, should people believe that State decrees, or even State actions, will adequately prepare the way, they’ve got another think coming. Peaceful is the prominent word in Peaceful Secession now, and the likelihood of peace is enhanced when that which is sought is considerably more comprehensive and equitable. Moreover, a landlocked and relatively isolated portion in the Northeast is hardly the sort of equitable distribution that our circumstances would deem appropriate. I think it would be fair to say that our nation is a polarized one. Contrary to those who decry polarization, I pray to God that it happens completely and immediately. For the trend does not bode well. The anti-polarization crowd must be given the same shrift that the “tolerance” crowd should have been buried under. Tolerance, don’t forget, in the REAL world, is most often nothing more than a device which, after being successfully deployed, is jettisoned in favor of the New Intolerance, which hates nothing quite so much as the source from which it came. Fleshing that out, we see that as the God-haters staked out and seized strategic positions (while Christians became consumed with a fatal lust for prosperity and personal peace and solitary happiness), they brilliantly employed each advance as a platform from which the next assault would be waged. In a healthy society you may find a balance between “Conservative” and “Progressive,.” and all for the good, I’d say. This creates and regulates the pace at which human beings can experience cultural change (through growth and development) without being so blinded by the light of their imagined accomplishments that they just throw away everything inherited. It seems axiomatic that every healthy society must have that tension that comes from some pushing for change while others push back for none. It is only then that constructive change can come, absorbable, digestible change. In other words, REAL progress. What we have come to now, however, is far past the tipping point. Now the captive institutions, being collectively the most important in shaping and imposing the new doctrines, are routinely successful in turning out the sort of product that looks a lot like the blueprint according to which human beings would be constructed if totalitarianism were the goal. This point, like every other I’m seeking to make here, can certainly be launched for a life of its own. But rather than develop it, I’ll leave the same to you, while merely noting that all the qualities one might be looking for in an easily enslavable people, well, it’s our modern American specialty. Students–every one of them not in an unusually conscientious school or homeschool (read 90% of our young) –grow up not merely without much knowledge of American history, but they are processed through schools that leach out of them any true love for their country. (On this matter, the balance that is beautiful can only be had when one’s nation is conceived of as UNDER GOD, for without our nation being held accountable to that Higher Authority from whom all authority in heaven and on earth derives its name, the nation itself becomes an idol. I must remind you again and again that our war is against abstractions, but almost just as intensely, we must strive against means becoming converted to ends. To exclude God as King of a nation is to play the fool rebel begging for judgment. But seeing how Americans have already been conditioned to cry to the feds for things such as consequences of hurricanes [they cannot stop them, they are not responsible for them], or AIDS prevention [it is already virtually 100% preventable; that this fact manages to escape the notice of nearly every college graduate in America says something] one may be forgiven for concluding that we have past the preparation stage and we are poised for implementation.

18. Our ripeness for bondage, continued. I was saying that polarization is the best strategic goal anyone who loves our country could aim for, because polarization MEANS a cessation in the acceleration of our decline. We are a people without understanding. American-ity breeds “believers” who can boogie, who can get hysterical, fornicate, divorce, abort, etc. But it has not produced “believers” who can recite the Ten Commandments. The level of knowledge of EVERYTHING worthwhile has rotted from disuse and/or contempt. But don’t confuse the disappearance of THE Ten Commandments from our collective memory with the disappearance of ten commandments. Every one of them is still in force; it is just that they have been revised so as to render service to another god. And here we stumble upon a point which begs for notice, so I will yield (for a few sentences). No one living is ever without a religion any more than any living person is without a source of oxygen. The Village Ignoramus thinks religion is stuff about “God,” or liturgical enactment, or… But this misses the mark widely. Life is religion, as H. Evan Runner used to say, but even closer to our point, religion is the belief underlying every engagement, project, hope, wish, relationship, endeavor, from which, we each maintain, MEANING is derived or worth had. So, science is incapable of proving that anything, process, or event is necessarily connected to any other. The connections are made, my friends, by faith. Every single breath of words you hear from the mouths or pens of atheists who wish you to believe their words have meaning, comes from hypocritical liars who have stolen our world view for the benefits which it alone confers, but the theft was intended to provide them with a weapon, not a tool. They borrow in order to destroy. What, I dare say, can they BUILD? NOTHING! For way before all is said and done, the only reason Richard Dawkins expects to be listened to is because HE thinks he should be listened to. when the Lord speaks, “Let the whole earth keep silence before Him!” When these clowns speak, everybody jump on a whoopee cushion. They have NO authority beyond their own imagination. There is NO PLACE for their authority to COME FROM.

19. All to say that polarization means nothing other than a stop to our hemorrhaging. Polarization is a dadblane IMPROVEMENT, as they say in New Hampshire. And speaking of which: a LIBERAL organization “corrected” a widely circulated email which had interpreted the Obama/McCain results as vastly to the advantage of McCain in most considerations other than electoral votes. But listen to the figures THE LIBERALS came up with. “The total [land] area of states won by Obama is actually 1,483,702…” McCain’s states have an area of 2,310,315 square miles. This translates to less than 40% of the LAND composing the United States of America bet on an undefined dream (how fitting), while more than 60% voted for McCain. Why be satisfied with New Hampshire (it’s only 9,351 square miles)? We’re entitled to 3/5, or another 2,300,964 square miles. (By the way, New Hampshire voted for Obama, which gives the tiniest inkling of how complex this secession is going to be. One of the states he carried is looking to pave the way for secession.) Another interesting statistic reveals 45% of Catholics and 54% of Protestants voted for McCain while 54% of Catholics and 45% of Protestants voted for Obama. This translates to a dead heat. Perfect polarization. For we find that 49.5% of American Christians voted for Obama and 49.5% of American Christians voted for McCain. Unless the public schools are abandoned tomorrow (talk about a pleasant dream to follow), a quick polarization is the only way to prevent the loss of future members of the sanity pool. Do not defend yourself when accused of causing polarization. Glory in it! It’s God’s own work for us. (Yet I must be honest–as long as American-ity keeps the TV on, and their kids in dumb down, the rupture will continue, even increasing in speed and effect. We have waited FAR too long. The urgency is SO urgent we should invent a better word.

20. There must be a secession. At least, we ought to agree that of all goal’s worth pursuing, none holds forth as much promise as does a fresh start. Are problems standing between those with the vision to begin again and the new beginning? Bet your Adam’s apple! But it is my experience that the ones with the love of freedom, disciplined lives, obsession about family, confidence in the future under God, and a desire to see righteousness (if not rewarded, AT LEAST) not mocked or damned in the Public Square, and a burning desire to see sin become NOT seen, that these are the prime candidates upon whom one can rely, who love responsibility more than the modern mindless love to talk about sexual abandon. (No one believes sin will be eradicated this side of That Day, but our present culture has become irredeemably committed to the celebration of debauchery. Speaking honestly about SINFUL behavior, has often been known to result in sinners becoming personally offended. This poor little offended baby then takes his wounded baby-feelings to suit. Who is surprised that the more hurt feelings find a payday in litigation, the number and intensity of alleged hurt feelings increases rapidly, astronomically? This is already cliche, stale, hackneyed: say anything 7 degrees separated from a racist remark, lose your job. Remember when, a few years ago, a furor erupted when a speechmaker actually used that o-so-offensive word, “niggardly”–OFF WITH HIS HEAD! they shouted–“How insensitive!!” (You’ll need my oath on this, I’m afraid, so I testify to this truth: The New Oxford American Dictionary has a WARNING, a CAUTION against using the word without some compelling reason, for it causes imbeciles to get “confused.” Is there room enough in the psycho-wards for all of us? We are on the shuttle passing madness. I do not recall ever seeing a WARNING about using a word long found in non-slang dictionaries and I’ve been reading dictionaries all my born days. Will this soon become a slam dunk for litigants, i.e., a guaranteed win if they can prove, “he used a word with a warning next to it, your honor, your humor, er, your hummer. And he didn’t give ME no warning at all.”) That these dingbats expressing outrage in all the regional papers weren’t EMBARRASSED to reveal their ignorance, or the fact that no one loved them enough to forewarn, “It means cheap, stupid; it has zero to do with color.” Yet this is hardly half the story–how about all of us being forced to accept a store, with its logo everywhere proclaiming FCUK? You don’t think they employ those initials prominently for a REASON, do you? But those things which cause Christians, Jews, and other devout people profound offense, are uniformly and self-consciously DENIED as occasions granting standing to bring suit. Only feelings hurt on the correct side of the political (read: religious) spectrum may dare claim offense. If a mature person explains that he is offended by the comedy in the dentist’s office which is blaspheming God, he’ll get an “Are you for real?” gaze, as the volume is turned up. Being compelled to watch veritable parades of male-type singers at sporting events, singers who seem to believe their diaphragm control might be improved if they keep elevating a portion of their crotch every 6 seconds (or perhaps they are just terribly fearful of sudden, mysterious, inexplicable castration–it has been known to happen like that at sports arenas, hasn’t it?– and they’re merely checking to see if there is still some equipment there: or could it be they transplanted a zipper from their sneakers to their pants and they have a sinking feeling it didn’t work?) –being forced to endure that parade (you’d so love to rain on) is not a just occasion to claim offense. The best result you might hope for is the promoter offering you a refund because he suspects your niggardly disposition to underlie your complaint. Ha! Of course, all you’ll get, instead of moola, is “Grow up, jerk!” and an FCUK t-shirt, AND a rejection at the courthouse door. And why is no standing given to a Christian whose child is forced to read “literature” describing anal sex in his public school, along with myriad other perversions, but standing IS given to someone whose kid is “forced” to hear people say, “One nation, under God”? I submit this, and ten thousand other examples identifying the level we’ve sunk to today, as pure unassailable evidence that every lawful path which holds potential for providing sanity, societal renewal, transformation, and/or moral progress has been closed, or had a DETOUR sign hung at its entrance. Humanly speaking, it is impossible to peacefully recover the Public Square which favors good and disfavors evil. The positions of genuine temporal power have been purchased, co-opted, usurped, or simply GIVEN to our neo-pagan neighbors (by our gnostic Christian relatives practicing American-ity). And they have shown themselves quite skilled at using their positions to guard and protect perversion and to punish even a plea for righteousness, justice, peace, and self-control. The INTOLERANTSIAS are in the chairs of power, and we will not see them sent to the chairs of electric anytime soon. Oh, right. Only Texas is barbaric enough to actually care about victims and justice and restitution–we don’t “do” executions anymore. Now we do lunch instead. We can continue to “dialogue” about abortion ONLY when abortions are being permitted or encouraged. To insist that while discussion takes place or certainty is reached, abortions ought NOT to be permitted, that, that, that is.. UNREASONABLE, intolerant, horrible, insufferable. It’s nothing less than totalitarian fascistic oppression. We can continue to dialogue about “gay so-called marriage” as long as these are first ENDORSED (not merely permitted). Try to vote against it–and you will die. Live and let live. NOT! As I was saying,

21. TWO NATIONS, ONE UNDER GOD. Since there is more than one way to read that, let’s be precise: we are TWO different nations occupying shared space. Everything you’ve seen, read, learned, noticed, observed in the last twenty years has been for nothing if you’ve failed to discern this much: to say America is “one nation under God” would bring about loud, defiant dissent from no small number of Americans. Whatever their numbers, they have managed to control policy to such an extent that we can no longer say “Americans believe ………….” and expect to find agreement WHATEVER is used to fill in the blank. We are two nations–divorced, hating each other, sure the other is the very embodiment of evil, yet we refuse to live apart. That makes no sense whatsoever. To have a peaceful secession is the only HONEST choice we can make.

22. When we were One Nation Under God, there was TRUE toleration for differing views, so long as all were willing to abide by our Christian-based laws and traditions (the latter less stringent in its insistence upon conformity–the point being that immigrants had to join citizens in honoring our Christian heritage to some extent. They didn’t have to agree to turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day, but they knew they must accept Thanksgiving in the Public Square on that day, Christmas as a celebration of the Christ, etc.). When a subversive party comes to power, its former pleas for “tolerance” are suddenly discovered to have been nothing more than a ploy. Once in power, they have no need, no patience for tolerance. It is “conform or die.” That is why no PhD program at any university of repute will accept as a candidate an avowed Creationist. Neat trick: you eliminate all Creationists at the entrance, ensuring that none holding to that truth will get credentialed. Then you call upon all to observe that ALL credentialed scientists AGREE. Very neat. And tolerant, too. No? The uselessness of tolerance to anti-Christians is evident when people lose their jobs when noting (even inadvertently) out loud that men and women are different.

23. The reason Christianity can be tolerant, and Unbelief cannot–for a full explanation, send for the sermon, “TZNIUT #3: Kick It Down a Notch.” For now, know this: the truth is solid. It is material for the foundation. It is strong enough to support more truth, and it is quite capable of supporting lies. Lies, however, are flimsy. They can only support other lies. The truth crushes lies. That is why there is zero tolerance for truth in our contemporary society. That will not change. We need to split if we would find a home for truth. Ask Pilate–he’ll tell ya. If you don’t want truth at the foundation, what do you want? Power. It’s the Roman thing, you see. “Go ahead and debate what truth is. And while you do that, I’ll decide whether you live or die. So much for the value of ‘truth.'” Had you understood before that THAT was the meaning of his exchange with the Christ?

24. The Revolution has long-since gained the ascendant position in America. No surprise, considering that the only “opposition” has been a laughable, severely anemic American-ity which had, 150 years ago, agreed to capitulate its faith in return for assurances that Christians’ hearts may believe what they like. Bavinck’s warnings joined Dabney’s and others in being, in the main, unheard, and where heard, unheeded. What Herman had cautioned Christ’s co-heirs in the West concerned this: to surrender one domain of Christ’s after another to unbelief, while imagining that the “hearts” of believers would be left alone, that the encroaching powers would RESPECT the boundaries which Christians had respected (liberty of conscience, for example) was entirely vain. He told us in no uncertain terms how a beast, desirous of devouring all its belly can hold, would not be sated by scraps, chunks, or even major portions. ALL SYSTEMS ARE TOTALITARIAN IN CHARACTER. All claims to right/wrong, sovereignty, rule, power, must be total if they are to be taken seriously. Leaving any area outside the domain of your sovereign is rank infidelity, rebellion, insubordination. But the Church in the West, subsumed under the fitting name, American-ity , offered the beast one after another of territories which belong rightfully to Christ alone. Having been misled by the so-called “Great Awakenings,” which ignorant men and fools still wistfully speak of, as if a high point in our national history, Christ’s designated ambassadors altered the commission given to them by Him. They stupidly negotiated, offering as substitute for Christ’s claims over all things a somewhat more modest claim, restricting His authority, love, power, and goodness to the hearts of Christians. The Presbyterian Churches, rather than puking at the proposal, became its leading proponents as they embraced and dispensed Dispensationalism, until it established itself as the equivalent of American-ity . All hope for history was abandoned. “Why, it might even be the CLEVER thing to do to let these unbelievers trade us for control of the courts and the schools and entertainment. At least we’ll get something. They,” we thought, “will end up with nothing.” Sure, that we’d be raptured, and they’d be judged before they got a chance to use anything we bartered away, we have seen the twentieth century as the one in which all Christ’s claims EXCEPT to the itty-bitty heart were abandoned. To limit the Lordship of our King became the fashion. It went so far as the embarrassing “Lordship Debates,” which serious questioned Christ’s Lordship over even the tiny real estate originally held back! –the hearts of Christians. Thus, we started by selling off Christ’s American assets to a vicious secular religion posing as Neutrality itself– selling His spheres in exchange, we thought, for the religious right to be left alone. We blindly and drunkenly and willingly confined the scope of our religion and the might of our God to the interior, where, we were sure, it would remain beyond the reach of God’s and our opponents. But however, we started, we ended up eradicating–by ourselves and without the Devil’s help– even that one realm we had supposedly reserved for Him: our itty-bitty hearts! Theologians (leave it to them!) proclaiming a full pardon and a certain salvation even for those who self-consciously spurn the very first Christian confession: Jesus is Lord. And you want to know where manliness has gone? Men become like what they worship, don’t you know? Having done our God, the “service” of delivering Him from the very responsibility He insisted upon purchasing through the death and resurrection of His Son (see Colossians) –universal, cosmic, unlimited responsibility (He even bought our SIN!) –we then see men follow in the path they’d invented for Him, almost as if they had done the first in order to secure the second. They “downsized” their responsibilities until they learned to identify man without reference to responsibility at all. We became liberated, free to emote ourselves into paroxysms of gush. Today that is called worship. If God was “dead” by the 60’s, it is because Christians had by then been killing Him off for more than a century. But of course, God is not dead. Which is pretty bad news for those who, having been appointed stewards of His estate, sold it all off. What, in God’s Name–WHAT are they going to say? “We knew you were a harsh boss.”? Nah, that’s been tried, and it didn’t work (Matthew 25:24). God has stirred the pot just a tad–demonstrating His exquisite and complete control by allowing successive “Titanic’s” to sink: The Twin Towers, and then Bear, then Lehman, then Merrill, then…. And how do we, corporately, respond to this reminder of just Who is holding the reins? We rush into office as our Commander in Chief a man solemnly pledged to fix everything with no help from God whatsoever. His skin color alone, the whole world vows, is enough to fix everything. And who could doubt his courage? Not many men could say, “Ten trillion dollars? You think THAT is debt?! I’ll show you debt!” What we’ll be shown, beloved, requires an ever-so-slight modification in pronunciation: drop the silent ‘b’ to avoid confusion, and add an ‘h’ to make that the ‘th’ diphthong at the end. Want to join them there? Neither do I. Peaceful secession now is the only credible alternative. America does not want wholesale fixing. But a custom package is sellable.



by Steve M. Schlissel

Originally posted April 7, 2017

I am sending this 8-year-old post, NOT expecting you or anyone else to carefully read it. Rather, I’m using it as an occasion to move out from my mind something I have, since November 9, 2016, so far found to be an immovable compound-notion: a) The idea that we are a United States is a patent falsehood. b) it is not possible to negotiate, meaningfully confer with, or genuinely compromise with gliberals. c) they want nothing of us–except our money, to continue to fund their project of making the world into their sexual Disneyland of death and disease and destruction. d) that anyone seriously disturbed by that project needs to face the fact that it continues and shall, unless we extricate ourselves from it by pursuing, with the likeminded and sane of our land, a legal redesign of the territory to be called the United States. e) that such an entity bears more than a nominal connection to the one which had been founded in 1776, particularly in a continuity of MEANING holding for the words used in our founding documents, in perpetuity. If application becomes manifestly undesirable or impossible, change the words, rather than to arbitrarily or cavalierly alter their meanings.

That any of this should materialize is low on the likelihood scale. Nevertheless: However long is the period we may enjoy with Republican majorities, this is a time which needs to be used toward the aggressive development of realistic options that hold a promise of peace, and which, when joined to obedience to God’s Big Ten for us, offer a justifiable expectation of prosperity.

What you are reading here is not offered as one of the 50 reasons for Peaceful Secession Now, which you might find attached. Rather, I’ve been meaning to post something which calls upon Trump voters to squarely face what they have heard and seen from the roving (and truly representative, foreboding) pack. Since November 9, you MUST recognize, must not rationalize, may not dismiss:

We have been confronted with ABSOLUTE PROOF that the war for America’s soul is being taken with the utmost seriousness by only ONE side in that war–the WRONG side. How many have pointed out the contrast between the conservative acceptance of Obama x 2 and the Gliberal tantrum and braindead fury over the election of Trump? –How many have noticed it while COMPLETELY bypassing the meaning, the lessons in the comparison? We who may rightly be said to be on the right, ARE right. And there is little that could serve more powerfully to underscore that than the utter irrationality of our opponents. These are people operating out of irrational fear and pumped emotion. They are exactly the kind of people who support the gliberal agenda BECAUSE proof of failure does not impress them as a good reason not to try more of the same. Their hatred of Trump is in nearly all instances vacuous, empty-headed sloganism with no empirical content. It is also dishonest: in all cases I’ve seen, their fits and tizzies are connected to one thing–a morbid fear that a Trump presidency might mean that they might have to hear a single 2-letter word which induces in them nausea and a murderous rage–the two letters being n and o (the word is NOT “on”).

These are people with a make-believe worldview, one which does not include freedom of speech. How could it? Their agenda is a naked king. “Freedom of speech” cannot in their system be accorded to any mention of any truth which they regard as a threat to their agenda. If all speech is free except truth, what do you suppose people will be hearing?

These folks have proven that bodies can indeed act after minds have ceased functioning. They are determined to fund any pretensions which enable the manufacture, enforcement and/or perpetuation of what has, throughout human history, been nonexistent–for cause! They oppose–not the SIN which has infected Creation but the Created Order itself, especially where it is reminiscent of the CREATOR. They have been burning money to fund: a world where men and women have no differences; where abortion is the same as birth control; where dead-end homosexualism is cherished equally with that relation which alone may be reasonably expected to result in an ISSUE, i.e., generational succession, the very thing they solemnly swear in all their evolutionary propaganda to be the NUMBER ONE ‘purpose’ governing an otherwise purposeless evolution!; where the preferred policy for fighting poverty is the creation of massive debt which, to the sane mind, is a portentous guarantee that poverty will grow exponentially, and thus exercise its cold sovereign rule over a much wider swathe; where the uniform testimony of all peoples in all places in all ages at all times is seen as an irresistible reason to do things differently; where objective anatomy and our reliable senses are to be overruled or dispensed with in favor of subjective psychotic imaginings, even in the establishing of law and social policy.

Surely, we are looking at people who have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are NOT people with whom we can engage in discussion, or debate, or compromise. They want–and then they put a period. They want, and that ends every consideration. We may capitulate–or die.

Now these people, these very same people, have done us a great service by revealing their full character and their actual intentions, along with their inflexible determination to ignore ANYTHING we may say or think–or anything we may have jointly (with THEM!) done. They have made as clear as light can make something clear, that TWO CANNOT WALK TOGETHER UNLESS THEY ARE AGREED. This is God’s hand on us, for judgment, my friends. Recognize it or perish. We provoked His judgment by refusing to love righteousness and hate wickedness. He is now preserving the Antithesis by provoking wickedness to hate righteousness, in order that righteousness may wake up and remain. Everyone justly hates pseudo-righteousness and self-righteousness. But when you hear our view described as being “of the right,” you should be able to easily hear that as RIGHT-eous, i.e., as pleasing to the Creator. It’s that simple. If that is not your reason for being right, you’re wrong.

Recognize that, 1) the intensity of the reaction of these mindless ones to a Trump presidency is a pale shadow of what SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE REACTION OF EVERY SANE AMERICAN TO WINDSOR AND OBERGEFELL. A court of humans has bound itself so tightly in the grip of a disgusting hubris as to unashamedly declare to all Americans that God is wrong, AND that God may not define the cornerstone institution of human society, AND that the court itself has the RIGHT not simply to REJECT God’s definition, but also to IMPOSE in its place an idolatrous and offensive REPLACEMENT, which is itself a flat-out perversion of His defined order. This court tells every one of us that if WE don’t agree with them, WE are EVIL!! And it brings into play all the vast machinery of these “United” States” to see that we comply with their God-negating edict. Even worse, these deluded, condescending bast***s have the gall to add that we must not imagine that freedom has been taken from us, for we are still permitted–even encouraged–to imagine “in our hearts” any nice religious things that may please us. We can even BELIEVE they are wrong. We are simply FORBIDDEN, by their coercive power, from DOING anything about it. And what was the reaction to such undisguised contempt for the true God–the only God of any God-blessed-America– by the 200,000,000+ professing Christians impacted by that ruling? They raised the volume from their remotes, went to Facebook, then went to sleep. Mighty warriors. I still find it unimaginable that any American church has had room for any other theme since those mournful rulings. What will move us to His cause?

When gliberals suspect they might hear a No, they take to the streets–as if the country was theirs. When a simple majority–proven clowns–pretend to overrule God Almighty, what do His servants do? They act as if the gliberals were RIGHT in their claim to ownership.

Therefore, survey the landscape: we have gliberals with convictions, especially regarding their appetites, and on the other side, conservatives with appetites and no DISCERNIBLE convictions. Bright prospects. Yet, the gliberals have extended a gift in our direction. They say, Trump is not their president. Well, about 35 states-worth of us have OFFICIALLY disagreed. I propose that that becomes our initial proposal for divvying up this pie. The states that have voted opposite to the “he’s not MY president,” should acknowledge that there is no reason to believe discussion can lead to any fruit with these revolutionaries and God-haters. So, give them what they say they want as their real world, the NeverTrump states. And we’ll keep the rest. This is a GREAT concession, a costly one. But when you consider that it could cut off the flow of dollars they fully intend to keep flowing, i.e., from our pockets to their fantasies and frauds, you may see it as cheap by half, and not in the LONG run, but right quick.

Of course, we understand that Mr. Trump himself will not lead or urge a single soul in that path of righteousness. But God may still use him as the occasion for the Divided States of America to tell the actual truth. I don’t expect anyone, however red their republican banner, to DO anything like this–or any other meaningful thing.

I’m just sayin’…

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