Self Consciousness on Display by Left Wing Tyrants

by Steve M. Schlissel    

Originally posted January 15, 2021

Irving Tremellius, the Italian rabbi from Brooklyn with the honorary doctorate, recently shared some interesting thoughts on the self-consciousness now on display from abusive left-wing tyrants.

1. First, regardless of what they say, they are ALL following the same course they have been on all along. All costs of any and every change they conceive of or propose are to be borne by OTHERS. They NEVER advocate or press for ANY action which would in any way inconvenience or interrupt them in living out their pleasures. Sacrifice? They believe in it deeply–that is, like the Incas sacrificed: They are always willing to sacrifice OTHERS.

Think of anything they have advocated which would require of THEM any interruption of their indulgence in their preferred pleasures. This extends down to the most trivial and up to the most consequential. For example, they denounce and call for the punishment of racism in every form–except the form blatantly embraced & practiced and reproduced and imposed by themselves. This extends EVEN to use of the ‘N’ word–anyone caught uttering it, even a discovery of a decades old instance, calls for the instant and complete erasure of the utterer…BUT those who use the word MOST are explicitly understood to have a Free pass.

They want open borders and celebrate the unconscionable wages required of them in paying their ‘help.’ But those who suffer the loss of the jobs taken by illegals, well, no skin off their teeth.

Work out the rest for yourself, Irving T. advised.

2. Next, he said that censoring President Trump and banning him AND ALL CONSERVATIVES from any and all social media platforms, means no change other than consistency and greater efficiency. They never listen to anything any loyal American says about ANYTHING, anyway. Life will go on with NO NOTICEABLE difference for them other than it being improved by removal of an annoying hum. The thought that someone so idiotic as to fail to acknowledge their perfect wisdom on every issue, might nevertheless have a RIGHT to express contrary opinions is to them laughable. “Surely,” Leftists think, “you realize we’ve given these low-lifes many years on our platforms in the hope that they’d somehow ‘get it.’ Blood cometh not from a stone nor worthy talk from a conservative. Surely everyone must recognize that we are not bound to subsidize or tolerate inferiors FOREVER! It is a free country. Let them make their own megaphones or buy dogs or something.”

They will also cite the poor results of every hope that conservatives might learn or improve. In fact, statistically, it is evident that if and when view-change occurs, left becomes right and not vice versa– whenever mingling is permitted. So WHY would they permit it?

3. Lastly, the goodness Rabbi Dr. Tremellius said, the one thing which conservatives OUGHT to attend to, but which they have uniformly neglected, is TAXES. The payment of taxes is built upon a number of important and absolutely necessary presuppositions. Among these is one specifically referenced in founding documents– that is, taxes are warranted only when the receiver of the revenue is demonstrably committed to the preservation and protection of those rights granted to the people by HIGHER AUTHORITY WARRANT and possessed by them PRIOR to the formation of ANY government. FURTHERMORE, he said, if a government, i.e., if elected leaders on public payroll, self-consciously and explicitly resolve to extend protection and preservation  SELECTIVELY, i.e., ONLY to members of ONE party (or side), then you have a situation calling for one of ONLY two possible measures (actions): either a) pay nothing, but rather abolish that government altogether and form another, or b) pay nothing, but leave the complete burden of financing the discriminating power to its beneficiaries. In either case, no tax payments are morally warranted. And in a case where “rulers” renounce obligation to 75,000,000 adults and their families, well, you have a problem demanding attention. But the solution, in regard to taxes at least, remains one where a) or b) alone form the choice pool.

I tried arguing with him, but I was at a loss. He is too smart. Can anyone help?

Oh!! There was one more thing. He said someone should make the case for a language change. This pertains to a class of people whose very identity is inseparably bound to and wrapped up in a core, inflexible, solid belief, one which informs them of the very identity and purpose on the planet. He meant those who know they did not just evolve from gas and slime but were CREATED by a holy God and in His image. 

He pointed out that failure to grant this DEEPLY held element of identity IN LANGUAGE, does palpable harm to members of this group and brings them real pain. This occurs EVERY TIME it is said in public (to the effect) that ALL humans have evolved, rather than that all humans were CREATED. THE Rabbi said, he does not think mention of God is required, but why should DENIAL of the Creator be permitted to be denied, especially when so many are so sensitive to others’ denial of the truth. So, he proposed that we experiment. Others have demanded instant wholesale change. The Rabbi is more modest. He said we can experiment for three years, during which no one is permitted, in regard to human origins, to say we evolved, or we are just here, but rather that we humans were CREATED.  Nothing more. Very easy. Do you think those demand wholesale pronoun revision would go for this SMALL change–even temporarily?

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