The Entitlement of the Left – Christina Bobb

Watch RUMBLE – Christina Bobb: The Entitlement of the Left

This should be transcribed and posted. The dear here has fire and passion–not to mention, sense and truth–on her side. Unfortunately, she hasn’t the elocutionary skill her important message requires to get past obstacles, over hurdles and into the hearts of American hearers.

Sometime this week, I hope to have a word or two on this last-mentioned problem. In the meantime, perhaps someone would care to transcribe this and post it?

(Well, bless my Granddaughter, Jireh! With SMS improvements.)

The political elite have been lying to us for decades, but the last four years have brought a level of deception that we may not have seen before in this country.

Donald Trump thwarted the political elites’ power grab. They had rigged elections for years, and by 2016, they felt entitled to choose the president of the United States. The fact that Donald Trump won by such a decisive margin surprised them. And they threw a fit for four years; they threw a fit! They honestly felt–and still feel–entitled to select the President of the United States themselves, and to generally control the country.

Not only are they so convinced that it is their privilege to select the President, but they penalize every American for not bending the knee. They immediately, (upon Trump’s 2016 victory) lied about “Russian collusion”; they lied about the matter treated in the first impeachment; they’ve lied about the coronavirus; about the 2020 election; about the Georgia Senate runoff; about the January 6th protest; now they lie about a second impeachment. Why exactly should we believe them now?

Where have our courageous leaders gone? They certainly are not holding public office. You see any?

President Trump has done more for this country than any other president in recent history– and they are so eager to get him out, simply because they did not approve of him being there in the first place. It is actually a bit more sinister than that: He is a threat to them. He is a threat to their stranglehold on power. He is a threat to the aristocracy they have developed and installed, and s threat to their dirty deals with China.

Much like their other empty promises, do you actually believe that a Biden administration would–or even intends to– bring unity? They want you to believe that Trump caused the chaos of the last four years: he did not. The Democrats and political elite were hellbent on ruining him–at any cost, including chaos at nations expense– because he had the audacity to win the 2016 election fairly (as he had also won 2020). They caused chaos and mass disruption in an effort to destroy him. He brought peace to the Middle East, but pandemonium to Washington, D.C.

Their precious fixed elections had slipped from their grasp when Trump disrupted their schemes by winning. Now we’re left to endure another charade of an impeachment.
Every American should care about this fake impeachment.

They are labelling as high treason the words “fight like hell,” even though joined to a clear emphasis on the importance of peace and the demand that all obey the law. (Demoncrats obey nothing but their appetites.) And while they gear up for another phony, evil show, American leaders just shake their and yawn, “Ho-hum.”

Do any D.C. clowns care about the First Amendment? Do any leaders care about the will of the People? They didn’t even impeach the right person! If they were going to impeach some Republican, they might have chosen Pence. After all, four state legislators wrote letters to Mike Pence, asking him to send the certifications back to their states, because they believed their electors may have been selected fraudulently. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia, all requested a second chance to select electors from their states, and Mike Pence refused their request; he shirked his constitutional obligation. Announcing to the world that he is a coward may not an impeachable offense— but neither is telling people to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights. If Pelosi-hired provocateurs mislead a few airheads, how does that differ from Congress? And where were the outrage, fits and love for police when BLM tore apart city after city?

President Trump is the rightfully elected president for this country. The cowardice of our leaders, who shrug their shoulders and do nothing, is actually a bigger problem than the current crisis due Wednesday: having a demented traitor who takes bribes from our adversaries assume our highest office.

With President Trump in office, truth had room to breathe. We are a free nation today, but that is in process of changing rapidly. President Trump is the right man for the right job at the right time. Americans need Trump to prevail. The world needs Trump to prevail.

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