They Moved Where?

Irving Tremellius told me:

The most remarkable — indeed, the most extraordinary and noteworthy – element of the story of the Sussex couple was this: They said that they had left England because there was too much racial prejudice there. Now, consider – This is a couple able to afford a move to anywhere on God’s earth. Given their motivation for seeking a new land, and the means they possessed to make the move to their “best of all possible worlds” a reality, where exactly did they move to escape racial prejudice and find maximum tolerance and freedom? Ay, wot? They came to the United States of America? The place we’ve been loudly and repeatedly told, night and day for more than a broadcast year, is hopelessly evil and *systemically* racist? Well, either that couple is out of their minds and not a word of theirs should be credited, OR msm should be dragged before that reality and forced to explain it. What does the Royals’ move tell you about the United States of America? Was it noted or emphasized by any of the media reports you’ve read? Why not?

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