Author: Steve M. Schlissel

A Grateful Disciple Bids His Master Farewell

By Steve M. Schlissel Originally posted October 19, 2019 In Memory of Reverend Doctor Paul Szto Rev. Dr. Paul (‘God-allow-it’) Szto, the finest Van-Tilian Covenant theologian (graduate Westminster, Phillie + Union Sem, NYC + D. Min Westminster), awaits the train to glory after having celebrated his 95th birthday two weeks ago. Irreplaceable, the man who […]

Egalitarianism and the Changing Race Problem

by Steve M. Schlissel Originally posted October 16, 2019 Egalitarianism first spoke to us of race “problems” as a thing which can and will be corrected when race is not considered in determining how we will treat others. That approach was subject to change—and it did. It eventually morphed into a demand that race—rather than […]