Author: Steve M. Schlissel

Another Oddity

by Steve M. Schlissel     Originally January 12, 2021 Another oddity: though the most blatant, filmed act of violence so far showed a uniformed law officer aiming at and shooting to death an unarmed “peaceful protester,” authorities in DC are not rallying a la “defund the police,” but instead are bringing out the national guard. […]

GOP Lawmakers Enlist in the Effort to Undo Biden Win (AP)

by Steve M. Schlissel     Originally posted January 02, 2021 When I saw this AP headline, I took notice. Were the folks YouTube had been ordering me to submit to as the supposed authoritative election arbiters, ahem, actually covering ACTIVITY by those who can think? Here is what it said: “More GOP lawmakers enlist in […]

Tattoo You

Originally posted August 6, 2002 Ever since our first mother, Eve, facilely discovered multiple reasons to do what God had expressly commanded her through Adam not to do, we’ve proven to be, in our fallen estate, a darkness-loving lot that excels in creatively justifying any sin-embracing choice we desire to make. This ability wreaks havoc […]

Guiding Us Out of the Dark They Created

by Steve M. Schlissel   Originally posted August 22, 2020 THAT is clever! Here is a NYTwit promise the Times is, by its lonesome, equipped to fulfill, even to guarantee. For “the darkness” of which they speak has been New York Times created, generated, propagated. Aimed at overshadowing Donald Trump (whose accomplishments have been worthy, […]